Economy metrics and the value of the GMC token is mostly based on supply and demand. So most job is on us. As “GM Informatics JSC” is an established and fully operational company, we will periodically release the details of new projects and plans for the future as well as the economical status of the company.


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Our Token

What is GMC?

GMC is a TRC-10 based TRON powered token that is based on TRON Ecosystem. It is working autonomously and decentralized in TRON Blockchain

Limited Supply
Since GMC is operating in TRON ecosystem with TRC-10 codes it has limited supply of 80 Million, which can’t be changed later on.
Low Cost Of Ownership

Ethereum and similar blockchain platforms suffers from GAS and miner fees. Since GMC is based on TRON decentralized ledger, which  costs minimal in GMC transfers.

Well Developed Platform
Since GMC is operating in TRON ecosystem with TRC-10 codes it has limited supply of 80 Million, which can’t be changed later on.
Ready to Launch
With TRC-10 token codes, GMC is natively working with TRON ecosystem wallets like TRONLINK and TRONWALLET.
GM Informatics JSC

Why Choose Us

GM Informatic JSC is a widely known ICT Service Provider and System Integrator in Turkey. We have a wide range of ICT Service Lines and Portfolio for SMBs and SMEs. Company has been working with over hundreds of high-level customer companies in Turkey for over 10 years. The company also holds ISO/IEC 27001 Certification. We believe tokenization will change to world and will deliver positiveness to economy world, so we lead the way for this. Welcome to first and only tokenized company in World!


For Traders

Short Term Profits

Real company, real token! Exchange real token!

Investing Portal

Investing Portal being developed by GM, will cover all investing opportunities


For Holders

Gateway to (GMI) GMInvest

GMC can be used to buy GMInvest (GMI) token which will be connected to “GM Informatics JSC” shares and equities (Regulations needed)

Long Term Profit

Since “GM Informatics” is a real and operating company, long term affect of holding GMC can be profitable

GMCoin Token

Fund distribution &

GM Informatics team researched Coins, Tokens, ICOs, IEOs, IPOs, Economics, Financials, Legals, Regulatory and many aspects of the blockchain and cryptocurrency elements. Therefore also investigating company budget, shares, equities, and future path decided to mint 80 Millions of GMC token and inject 54m of this in PRE-ICO, ICO and IEO phases…

In order to make GMC token distribution process more efficient and stable worldwide, the GMC price will now be linked to USD:

1 GMC = ~0.11 USD
expected exchange released price

Fund Distribution

Token Sale

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We have formed alliances with leading solution and technology partners to provide you with innovative solutions to the complex problems faced by your business.    

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Meet Our Team

Mehmet Ali Demirci

Project Leader

Kayran Law Office

Lawyer / Advisor

Mustafa Toker

Lawyer / Advisor

Bedriye Koç

CPA / Advisor

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