GMCoin is the sponsor of Turkish Superleague Handball Team

GMCoin, which is the first step of fintech-based projects, aims to add value to SMBs with its business-oriented and multi-layered blockchain-based projects, will further seek markets in Europe and American markets.

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GMCoin sponsors B.B. Bodrumspor Sailing Club

GMCoin is one of the biggest companies to support in sailing with the B.B. Bodrumspor Sailing Club. The Club is also hosting the venue for the “2022 Optimist World Championships becoming synonymous with daring endeavors and a quest for excellence.

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GMCoin signs as official sponsor for esports platform Virtual Pro League VPL

Sponsoring an esports team is about interacting with a warm, loyal audience. Therefore, we received a good response and plan to continue the project. GMCoin is one of the biggest companies to support the esports platform Virtual Professional League.

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