Some Questions And Answers


Is GMC a Coin or Token?

GMC is a token created on TRON network. Most basic understanding is that coins mostly have their own blockchains, however most tokens runs on the blockchains that they are created in.


Why GMC is not created in its own blockchain?

GMC is a propretiary token of “GM Informatics JSC”. Since our company is a ten years old and in a fully operational state, a working company making good profits in trade manner, we are working in ICT industry. This industry is widely known with many sub-industries like software-hardware-networking-support-cyber security etc… We do, what we know the best. So we want to focus in our own business, rather than creating an another blockchain development platform like Ethereum, NEO, EOS, TRON, HYPERLEDGER, WAVES, LISK, CORDA etc… We believe TRON is the best suitable platform for us to operate so we created GMC in TRON platform.


Do your GMC token supports smart-contracts?

Yes, we operate in TRON blockchain with TRC10 system level protocol, so we support smart-contracts for the future use cases.


What differs GMC from other tokens?

GMC is a highly expertized and known company token “GM Informatics JSC” operating in ICT industry, we in “GM” believe tokenized economy will rule the world for the future so we first started as an idea that all transactions can be done with companies own cryptocurrency system, and since the world is not ready for Security Tokens that are attached to real securities and shares of the company, GMC will be used as a gateway cryptocurrency to buy GMI’s (GM Informatics JSC Security Token) in the future when legal background fully supported by the governments and the financial ecosystem. Since that time, GMC will be used for trading, to raise up capital for the future projects and to maintain sustainable growth for the company “GM Informatics JSC” so that GMC holders can expect higher gains by holding GMC tokens.


Will GMC be retired after your company release GMI tokens that are attached to securities/shares of the company?

No, GMC token is created as a utility token which is expected to be used in trading ecosystem mainly for the “GM Informatics JSC”, however holders of GMC are expected to gain profits from trades within exchanges. So even GMC will be used as a gateway cryptocurrency for the future to buy GMI token, it will not be retired…


Will your company let GMC to be tradeable in cryptocurrency exchanges?

Yes, our token based on TRC10 protocol, It’s ready for centralized exchanges as well as future ready decentralized exchange platforms. Our company executives and team are talking with many exchange platforms, and partnerships will be announced in the near future…


Why 80.000.000 tokens created? Can you expand this quantity?

We created 80 millions of GMC token since they will be used as a gateway cryptocurrency to GMI (GM Informatics Security Token) which is also created with 8 millions cap. And also 8 millions cap is designed to be work with real life security and share scenarios in commerces and real life company contracts. Our economics and finance team has taken responsibility to design these maximum caps and to maintain economic and financial operations for many years…


What is the meaning of “Internal Sales Distribution” in GMC Token Distribution Charts?

Since GM Informatics JSC is a fully operational and profitable company working with hundreds of customers, companies and enterprises 4.000.000 GMC token is distributed to these channels as a rewarding for their contribution to our company and working with us. This will has a positive impact on market capitilazation and token injection in multiple KYC/AML ready wallets. This is like an airdrop scenario in cryptocurrency world, however mostly airdrop scenarios are based on no procedures. Our airdrop like “Internal Sales Distribution” token injection model is based on real economic metric like buy-sell relationship in real world scenarios. The real customers who has already completed KYC/AML procedures and bought goods and services from “GM Informatic JSC” will be awarded with GMC tokens with 1:10 basis. The economic model based on Turkish Lira (TRY) fiat money, because we are operating in Turkey and liable to Turkish protocols, procedures and laws as well as taxing systems. So any customer will bought any good or service from us with 10.000 TRY (%18 VAT excluded) then the company, he/she will be rewarded with 1000 GMC directly to their wallet with a smart-contract…


What’s the price of the GMC token?

GMC token is released with PRE-ICO state which has a maximum cap of 4 millions, then ICO state max capped to 6 millions than IEO state with a maximum cap 44 millions. PRE-ICO price will start with early investors price which is 1 GMC = 0,7 TRX. After exchange listings our company will be fully transparent mode so that investors and believers will tag the price of the 1 GMC token in the future…


Do you have your own wallet?

No, GMC do not have own wallet and not needed. TRON blockchain works with one wallet id so that all TRC10 based token are intelligently separated within that address, if you have TRX wallet mostly then compatible with GMC token or any TRC10 based token in TRON platform. So you can receive and send any GMC token, in a cryptocurrency wallet that supports TRON/TRX…


Do you transparently publish the “GMC” treasury wallet to network?

Yes, since TRON is also a kind of distributed ledger platform with delegated proof-of-stake mechanism, our treasury wallets and the balances can easily be tracked from TRON blockchain explorer.


Do you believe investing GMC token is a good idea?

Economy metrics and the value of the GMC token is mostly based on supply and demand. So most job is on us. As “GM Informatics JSC” is an established and fully operational company, we will periodically release the details of new projects and plans for the future as well as the economical status of the company. So for many years we had a good pitch with good profits, we believe tokenization and raising funds will shift us up. So in this manner investing to GMC token can be good idea. However you have to know the risks of investing fiat money or cryptocurrency to an utility token.


Can I buy any good or service from you with GMC token?

Yes! in future we also have plans that the consumers and the customers can buy goods and services from us with GMC token they have/hold.


Can I mine GMC?

No, GMC is not minable. Since its maximum capped to 80 millions, no more than this amount will be in circulation ever. GMC is inflation-proof token.


Do your token uses electricity in block creations and transfers?

No, GMC is operating in TRON ecosystem which is maintained by thousands of main nodes called super representatives. TRON ecosystem is a delegated proof-of-stake ecosystem and DPOS consensus algorithm in TRON is like a digital democracy where everyone who owns TRX can freeze them and get so called TRON Power per TRX, GMC token is one of the green and enviromental friendly token as other tokens in TRON network.


What’s the speed of your token transfers?

Since GMC is based on TRON ecosystem, most transactions occurs within 1-2 minutes which is faster than most of the coins and tokens in blockchain backed cryptocurrencies.


What’s the fee of transferring GMC from wallet to wallet?

TRON ecosystem uses BANDWIDTH, ENERGY and POWER terms for different aims. And TRC10 protocols which is GMC token based on is feed using API rather than smart-contract. So it’s about ~1000 times lower than a classical ethereum token gas (in the name of fee).